Our pricing structure is quite simple.
You can choose either option when you activate the SIM card.

Data plan
Traffic volume
Valid for
Price, €
Pay As You Go
Price per MB, valid for 30 days. If you need to check something fast.
30 days
Optimal Daily
350MB full speed, 64Kb/s afterwards, data for mailing, messaging and surfing, valid for 24 hours
350 MB
64Kb/s afterwards
24 hours
Daily Max
Unlimited data for work and social activities, valid 24 hours
Unlimited **
24 hours
2 Gb
Travel for a week and stay connected
2 GB
7 days
4 Gb
Travel for more than a week and need to use a lot of data
4 GB
14 days
10 Gb
A month of Internet. Enough for everything!
10 GB
30 days
MTX SMS Number
Annual subscription for inbound SMS service.
  • Get an SMS number from MTX Connect and receive SMS anywhere around the world directly with your MTX SIM.
  • Validity up to 365 days. The subscription price is 60 euro/year, billed annually.
MTX 20% Discount
Annual subscription to MTX Connect services. Save on rates and use FreeChat Option all year round.
  • Get a 20% discount for selected data plans.
  • FreeChat activation for the whole subscription period: unlimited text messages and emoji in messengers with zero balance or no active tariff plan.
  • Validity up to 365 days. The subscription price is 60 euro/year, billed annually.
Free Chat Option
Unlimited text messages & emoji. Be in touch with your family, friends and business partners from everywhere.
  • Automatically activated for 7 days with SIM card activation
  • Extended for 15 days with every balance top-up
  • Does not require tariff plan activation.
  • Work with zero balance
Messengers supported:
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Viber
  • Line
Attention: MTX Сonnect SIM does not have associated phone number by default therefore cannot be used for registration with some messengers. User account for these messengers must be registered to the valid mobile phone number in advance. Or you can activate MTX SMS Number subscription to get the phone number associated with your SIM.

* Prices do not include any taxes and fees

Note for EU residents: From the beginning of January 2015 you'll be charged the VAT rate prevalent in your country of residence.

** Not suitable for uploading, downloading or streaming of uninterrupted continuous video (Check DoS for details)

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